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The Sims 3(ザ・シムズ3)のコピープロテクション/DRMについて

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The Sims 3(ザ・シムズ 3)ではコピープロテクションを非常にシンプルにしたようで、オンライン認証はなく、ディスクベースのコピープロテクションだけであるとのことです。
去年、EA はSporeのコピーガードであるSecuROMで大きな批判を受けただけに、その結果を真摯に受け止めたといった感じでしょうか。
シリーズを通して、多くのファンを抱えているに違いないThe Simsの最新版となるThe Sims 3。EAのこの決定は多くのファンに支持されるはずだと思います。発売はPC版とMac版両方とも6月2日を予定。

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I picked Office 2010 curtain 1. My bad! The install then proceeded to remove Microsoft Office Outlook, Publisher and Access. Since the Microsoft Office 2010 program I was installing did not include these Office 2010 key products I think it's pretty bogus for the Office 2007 key install process to remove them. I don't know if the "Customize" button would have Outlook 2010 allowed them to stay. I reinstalled the 3 Office 2010 download programs and everything was fine, but I should not have had to Office 2007 waste time doing this. First of all, I'm a long-time user of Microsoft outlook 2010 Office but I'm not a techie. I'm also not a Microsoft Office 2007 professional secretary who knows and uses all of the Microsoft outlook secrets and capabilities of Office. I have been using Office 2010 Beta for several months.

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